Another Star Kid Set For Debut

Many heroes’ sons and relatives foraying into the industry as actors is not a new phenomenon in our Indian cinema. But how do they carry their family’s legacy entirely depends on their acting and hard work. While many of the star kids have become superstars, many of them couldn’t. Now, yet another star kid is planning to foray into the industry to test his luck.

He is none other than Ashok Galla, nephew of Superstar Mahesh Babu. Ashok Galla is the son of TDP MP, Jayadev Galla who is the brother in law of Mahesh. Already, there are many established actors from Krishna’s family like Mahesh, Naresh and Sudheer Babu. Even Naresh’s son Naveen Krishna made his debut recently and impressed the audience. Hope that Ashok also carries his family’s legacy quite well.