OTT Review : Sonly Liv’s Bad Trip

Bad Trip is the latest OTT release from Sony Liv that has come out. The show is a kidnap drama and Krishna Kanth directed it. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice or not.

Bad Trip Web Series Review and Rating

Four losers played by Giridhar, Ravi Varma, Krishna Chaitanya, and Adrika meet in weird circumstances and decide to kidnap a rich lady named Reva(Archan). They kickstart a mission and later get into a deep mess with new characters and twits coming across. How will they come out is the story of this series.
Krishna Chaitanya is the best of the lot as he gives a very natural performance. He is a very greedy crook and those expressions were shown nicely. Archana is back in the game and plays a lesbian character and shocks one and all. She also does love making scenes that look vulgar. Giridhar is impressive as a cab driver and does well. Ravi Varma gets a meaty role but he hams in many areas. But as the show moves ahead, his track with Adrika is very nice.
What’s Good
Archana character twist
What’s bad
Dull narration
Lack of proper villain
Lack of twists
Bad Trip is basically a kidnapping drama where four characters come across and address the plan to make big money. Such stories have been showcased in so many films earlier. Plot-wise there is nothing new that has been showcased here. But the character graphs showcased by the director are quite good. The situations that lead to the kidnapping are showcased nicely with a pinch of fun in the initial episodes.
But where does the show go wrong? It is in the mid-episodes that things go for a toss. There is no basic seriousness in the show as the scenes and twists are not handled properly. The manner in which the Archana character is highlighted and then how the plot changes are not that good. In a way, the narration is jaded and one does not connect to the show emotionally.
The camera work is ably supported by the decent production design. The night setup is nice but the music and BGM are worse. Rather than creating a serious tone for the series, the BGM is over the top in many areas. The editing is also pathetic as scenes are dragged for no reason. The series is made on a decent note and production values-wise, things are passable.
Finally, bad Trip has a good base and actors who handle their roles in a decent manner. But the thrill is missing and the show lacks that depth which is a must for a thriller. There is nothing great that is showcased here but the series is not bad either. If have no options left with the weekend, give this show a shot.
Bottom Line: Silly but watchable crime drama
 Bad Trip Rating: 2.5/5

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