Bhanu Sri Slams Allu Arjun for blocking her

Bhanu Sri Mehra made her Telugu debut with the Allu Arjun film Varudu which was directed by Gunasekhar. The film was a colossal flop at the box office.
Now, years later, she has made noise as she has posted on Twitter that the star hero has blocked her on Twitter. This has come as a shock for her but she is positive.

Varudu Movie Actress Bhanu Sri Slams Allu Arjun

Bhanu Sri did not have a proper career and has now become busy on Youtube. She has made sure that this news makes headlines and she tags Allu Arjun and this post goes viral.
If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just remember that I acted in Varudu with Allu Arjun and STILL couldn’t get any work. But I’ve learned to find humor in my struggles – especially now that Allu Arjun has blocked me on Twitter.
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