Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai Digital Film Promo

Klapboard Productions is back with yet another novel digital film promo of Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai which is trending on YouTube. The promo has been, so far, watched by over 1 lakh viewers and still counting.

The lead actors include Anirudh Sameer and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi actress Simran Chowdary. The film is directed by talented filmmaker Faarooq Roy. The promo opens with breath-taking visuals of aerial shots giving the view of a beautiful landscape of the village with green pastures that arouses your interest. DOP Vikas Chillballapur deserves a pat for his fantastic work. The video takes into lives of the two lead actors where the girl hails from Brahmin community while the guy from a Muslim background. The filmmaker Faarooq Roy has taken a strong subject of inter-faith making us reflect that how human lives are at crossroads because of the stereotypical norms that are built by the humans.

Klapboard Productions would be organising a grand premier soon, the details of which will be updated soon. Till then Watch the Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai promo here:

Watch Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai Trailer Here