Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Car Task A Conspiracy Against Kaushal?

Bigg Boss Telugu, second season, which started on a slow pace amidst criticism is finally soaring thanks to the audience who are watching for their favourite contestants. As the show nears towards the end, Bigg Boss is throwing up a funny and innovative task for the housemates. And today’s (September 6) car task would be an interesting one and has already drawn the attention of many with many coming up with speculations that it might go against Kaushal and may favour other contestants.

As per the task, what is shown in promo whoever sit first gains advantage. As per the promo, other contestants were able to get seated inside the car except for Kaushal. The buzz is that the task would favour Geetha Madhuri, Samrat, Tanish and Roll Rida. Gossip mongers are churning out that whoever is not in eliminations they would be directly going for the finale. And the person who sits first will occupy the captaincy post for the entire season. And apparently, Roll Rida has won the task. However, it’s too early to say as we have to wait what turns out in the episode.

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