Bigg Boss Winner Involved In Drugs Case

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 winner Chandan Shetty has been served notice by the Bengaluru police officials for singing a song on marijuana, a drug that is banned in India. Chandan is a rapper and sang for a video titled Anthya in 2015. The video was released in July has since then garnered over  95.6 lakh views on YouTube. The City Crime Branch summoned the rapper and questioned him at why a case shouldn’t be registered against him. The officials expressed concern over the views clocked on the song which could also trigger young millennials to get influenced and consume drugs.

Kannada Bigg Boss Winner Chandan Shetty In Drugs Case

Following the unwanted ruckus the song stirred, Chandan apologised saying it was unintentional. He adds, “I am a professional singer. I sing songs. I don’t write them. If any producer or director asks me to sing a particular song I do that. I don’t bother about the content. Even a great Kannada mystic Saint Shishunala Sharief wrote and sang on Ganja three centuries ago. They are hugely popular even today. Can we prosecute him or the famous singers for that? Cinema is entertainment. It has all kinds of plots including rape and murder. Can we arrest the filmmakers for encouraging such things or crime?”.

Meanwhile, director-lyricist Muthu says, “This was meant to be a situational song in the film that talks about the abuse of drugs and its effects. When someone begins abusing drugs newly, they see it as something great, unaware of what the consequences could be. This song was meant to showcase that.”