Boyapati based in Amaravati for TDP?

Where did Boyapati Srinu go after VVR debacle? This has been the million-dollar question many are wondering as the director is unseen and unheard of after Vinaya Vidheya Rama failure. But here comes the twist as buzz is that Boyapati is based in Amaravati for TDP.

Ahead of assembly elections on April 11 and with less time to go for the campaign, TDP has roped in filmmaker Boyapati Srinu as to design content and promotions for the Andhra Pradesh government business.  “At present, the director is busy with helping the Telugu Desam Party in Amaravati with promotional videos and advertisements,” a source says.  This is not the first time that Boyapati is associated with TDP as the publicity strategist. In the past, he was assocaited with Pavitra Sangamam and then Krishna Pushkaralu.

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