Craze For Bigg Boss Kaushal Waning?

As long as it gets aired, the Bigg Boss is a huge draw. It keeps countless people, including women, glued to the TV sets. It makes people get involved in the show very much. The Bigg Boss housemates become household names and instant celebrities. But, once the season is over, they lapse into obscurity and no one ever talks about them. This does not also translate into film roles for them.

But, this time around, things looked different. Kaushal became hugely popular and an army was formed to back him to the hilt. Even after the show, the Kaushal Army was very active and Kaushal was mobbed wherever he went. It appeared the show would lead to many plum offers for him. But, now things have cooled off and the euphoria has died down. The roles he was expecting did not fall into his lap. Now, no one hardly talks about him.

After the craze for Kaushal, one expected big names to enter into the house next. But, looking at Kaushal’s plight, the popular celebrities might not exactly prefer to join the Bigg Boss house.

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