Darja Movie Review

Starring: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Sunil, Aqsa Khan, Shafi, Ravi Paidipati, Shakalaka Shankar, Shammu, Sireesha Nulu, Aamani, Arun Varma
Director: Saleem Malik
Producers: Siva Sankar Paidipati
Music Director: Rap Rock Shakeel
Cinematography : Nixon
Editor: MR Varma
Release Date : July 22, 2022

Anasuya is doing films as a female lead these days. She has teamed up with Sunil for a film called Darja. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Kanaka Maha Lakshmi(Anasuya) is a famous liquor baron in Bandar who goes to any extent to get her work done. On the other hand, there are two brothers by the names Ganesh and Ranga who are busy with their love lives. But suddenly, Ganesh dies and doubts arise over Kanaka Maha Lakshmi. In comes a cop played by Sunil to solve the case. How he handles the situation is the story.


Anasuya is the only solace of the film. Though she sounds loud, that was needed for her character. The film looks fun whenever she is on screen and handles the film until the end. Sunil is sleepwalking in the film and looks least bothered and just does what is asked. The rest of the supporting cast doesn’t need a mention.

What’s Good


What’s Bad

Suni’s acting
First Half
Logicess scenes


The first half is where things go for a toss. As there are too many subplots, the directors take so much time to establish them. Also, too many cinematic liberties have been taken to set up the story.

Sunil enters very late into the set up and overacts. But still, the film makes some fun from here on. The manner in which the story is unleashed from here looks good. The screenplay is a huge letdown as the narration is confusing.

The story idea is good and the second half is also well made. But for that one needs to sit through the horrible first half and this is where Darja flops. The music and other departments do not help matters much and take this film down.

Bottom Line – Anasuya shines but rest fail

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