Digital release for Uppena, V?

Everything has come to a standstill with the effect of pandemic coronavirus. Not only small-business and people earning daily wages but the showbiz has come to a standstill. Previously Fridays used to see over two new releases, but with COVID-19 Friday seems to be a dry day. Summer release were considered the best time for movie releases. In fact, Mohan Krishna Indraganti V movie was planned to be released on March 25. Followed by Uppena, Nishabdham and many more in April. But all has come to standstill now.

Now, buzz has it that makers are turning for a digital release. With indefinite lockdown things are uncertain, hence makers planning to venture into digital release since this the fad thing now and rake in profits too. Sun Nxt has the digital Release rights of V, while Hotstar has grabbed the rights of Uppena. Producers are respective movies are in discussion to release their movies directly in the digital platforms. They are also looking at the all possible ways to fetch enough profits also. As per reports, V and Uppena movie could haveApril 7 or April 16 respectively as the digital releases.