Dil Raju remains silent on serious allegations

Dil Raju is one of the most powerful personalities in the Telugu film industry. He is not only a star producer but a tycoon in the distribution. Raju distributes almost all the big films in the Nizam area. Now, another Nizam distributor is alleging that Raju is trying to destroy his business. He is Warangal Srinivas, who is a well-known distributor in the Nizam area. Srinu said that Dil Raju is trying to affect the business of his new film Krack. dil raju
He stated that Raju is using his power to remove Krack from many theatres and replacing it with the three other Sankranthi releases, which also includes a dubbed movie. Apparently, Raju asked Srinu to ask his producer to skip Sankranthi release. When Srinu denied doing so, Raju is now trying to curb the business of Krack. Srinu alleged that Raju is trying to kill the films which are not produced by him. On the flip side, Dil Raju is yet to respond to these allegations. These are serious allegations and he needs to respond but he still remained silent. We have to see how will he respond to the issue.
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