Ekta Kapoor’s Bold Comment On Sex

Television prominent producer Ekta Kapoor made some bold comments on sex and superstition during the sidelines of a newly launched television show.  The actress when asked about frequent portray of erotica and superstitious content in her shows, Ekta quips, “I am very happy showing sex. I don’t think we should have any problem with sex. The problem with our country is hamaare khaane ke daant aur hote hain aur dikhaane ke kuch aur. We are a country of double standards. We should have a problem with non-consensual sex; we should have a problem with sexual crimes”.

She goes on to talk about superstition stating, “I would like to say that Naagin is great. Fantasy is great. I love Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones. We don’t match up in effects because our budgets are one-hundredth of that. The problem is that in the post-colonial era, anything populist will be criticised. You cannot take a step with the fear of criticism.”