Exclusive: A real beginning for the director

Vijay Kanakamedala is from Sarapaka in Bhadrachalam.  Right from childhood he was interested in films, would watch a lot of them, especially second shows without telling the family. In the eighth standard, he decided that he would be in the movies some time. There were days when he would lie down in the hall without disturbing family and watch films in mute. He became curious and gathered info on various technical aspects of film making as time went by. In the school when he was asked about his future plans, he would speak confidently about his goal to be a director of movies. There wasn’t any objection from the family too as he was consistent about his plans and always worked towards it. vijay kanakamedala

“All my siblings got the same amount of encouragement from my parents. My father also had a plan B in case my film career for some reason doesn’t take off but for them my film wouldn’t have released them. I went to Hyderabad, and simultaneously began making efforts to establish contacts with people in the industry while studying. I do have certain people from the family in the film industry but the place is such that none will give you importance unless you become successful. I began working in television serials for a few years, I knew my experience was enough to get into films but a lot of time was consumed in establishing contacts. I was placed as an assistant director in a film titled Modati Cinema for a sum of three thousand a month in serials, I would draw thirty thousand. I worked with Harish Shankar in Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Subramanyam for Sale, DJ, Mirapakaya and Gabbar Singh in various capacities,” he says. vijay kanakamedalaMy roommate Venkat  and I developed the story of Naandhi. It was decided that he would work on the story and I would direct it. This time we went to Abburi Ravi for dialogues and the screenplay was mine. I have no qualms giving credits to all those who work on the script. There is a lot of young talent writing their stories and dialogues. If the film becomes a hit, the future belongs to these writers. They have worked for it and they deserve the credit and I am against aspiring and hard working people being exploited,” he further says and states that Naandhi is a beginning. vijay kanakamedala “I read about an incident in a newspaper and we developed it by including some fiction. The trailer shows as an under trial, the hero suffers for a crime that he has not committed. The violence is not that gory as is projected in the film. In Chennai, during the lockdown when instructions were given to shop keepers to shut their shops by a certain time. A father and son went against the diktat, one of them was harassed by the police and he died unable to take the pressure. This kind of violence is necessary for this story. Third degree crimes are common in police stations. Naresh wanted to hear it when I spoke about the plot. He too was looking for something which is not the regular comedy. I thought he would be a perfect cast when I saw him in Maharshi. Commercial stars and their image seek commercial ingredients, in Naresh’s case, I was happy as his eyes project both empathy, anger,” he states.vijay kanakamedala This is the producer Satish Vegesna’s first film. He co produced Oka Kshanam and Mosagallaku Mosagallu. The film was shot in Hyderabad in a duration of fifty days. The film goes back by five years and comes back to the present. Varalakshmi is playing an important role. She had been roped in around the same time when she was selected for Krack. It is an important role she plays in Naandhi. Navami is the heroine of the film. Ask him about the highlight of the film, he says as the director everything looks great and he can’t single out a scene. However he says there is a lengthy shot which will get noticed. Sid is the cinematographer and Sricharan Pakala is the music director. Naresh is apparently getting good offers after the first look of the film Naandhi released and he had decided to pick subjects selectively.

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