Exclusive : PR Mafia spreading its tentacles

Director Revanth Korukonda has been going through lot of anguish for the past few weeks. He had worked hard over a decade to come into the film field and when he did, he was quite shocked with the way the PR people function, to promote a film. It is mandatory in the film field for the producer to shell out money to promote his film. So, Revanth did the same, he hired a PR duo Vamsi Shekar to market his movie. They approached him and not vice versa. The work of the PR people is to take the movie to the Press and spread the word that a particular film is getting released. A good word about the film, elevating the movie when it is has weak prospects at the BO by using their influence is part of their job. The PR people take a package, say a lakh of rupees out of which, 80 Rs goes to distribution of money to the media and 20 to them for doing their job. Here is where the problem began, the PR boys allegedly pocketed 80 and gave 20 the media. Revanth says he only asked the gentlemen to be introduced to media people who took the money so that he can interact and share more info about the movie. This is where VS got upset that they were ‘questioned’, their massive ego was bruised so not only they distributed the money to a few websites but also told them to give poor ratings that reflected in those websites minutes after the film released.

The Modus Operandi of PR people is to approach small producers, show off which big banners they are working for and ask for the job. When the producer asks them their price, they play saint by saying that is not important, can discuss it later. The producer falls for this line, and hires them. Once the teaser is released, they show hell to the producer. They present tall bills. The producer can’t change PR guys at this time, as they fear that they will kill the film. They do it with newcomers/freshers in the industry who have no knowledge of how this promotion works. They can’t try this drama with big producers because they’ll have to face the music. They fear that if they demand money, the big producer might side line them and opt for another agency. So emphasis first is to get the job and name released as official PR people of the film, capture the market. There is no fair game being played, no deliverables given to the producer; just ask money and the producer shouldn’t ask what they are doing with it and whom all they are giving it to. They don’t share the contact numbers of the press with producer. It is simple, no accountability.

It appears as producers are making films not for the audience and for themselves; They are doing it for the media, PR agencies, and the middle men in the movies. The PR and the media are spreading their tentacles far and wide. Though Revanth released a video about how he was cheated, none of the channels, websites shared it. Because they are all hand in glove with them, Tomorrow there is a possibility of not being invited to a press meet and even if they did, they fear they might not get that 500rs or 700rs from VS. It has become a habit for all to fleece the producers in the garb of creativity. Not only do they take money from the producers, the gratitude less people badmouth the film and tell the press to give low ratings for the film releasing simultaneously (despite being PR for that film). They are PRs who are not all considerate, they invite the Press to certain programmes that are held off city limits and don’t even offer them a cup of tea. This is to say that the Press/websites are at the mercy of these PRs just because they get some extra money.

It would be nice if the PR do their job sincerely, money will definitely follow. But as of now, it is their bad Karma that they are piling up.

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