Befitting Reply To Yamini Sadineni Over Belittling Pawan Kalyan

TDP spokesperson Yamini Sadineni took a jibe at Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan for not visiting Srikakulam, which is hit by cyclone Titli. In the video whihc went viral, she used foul language by belittling Pawan Kalyan. This didn’t go down well with Pawan fans and party cadres. Following this, Jana Sena leader Ganta Swarupa gave a befitting reply to  Yamini Sadineni and, in fact, countered her by shooting back with questions that are sure to make her go red face and out of answers. A video of Janasena Leader Ganta Swarupa countering TDP leader Yamini has gone viral.

Ganta Swarupa Reply To Yamini Sadineni

  1. Dynasty Politics 

Janasena Leader Ganta Swarupa stated that Pawan need not give clarification to her questions, adding on behalf of Jana Sena she will clear the accusations reeled upon them by Yamini. Ganta Swarupa asked to look within her party before accusing others, stating TDP preaches of dynasty politics. She went on to say how Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu opted dubious method to make his son Nara Lokesh minister. Since he knows that his son Lokesh callibre, Chandrababu opetd decitful ways for the ministerial post.

2. Favouring Nara Lokesh For Personal Benefits 

Ganta Swarupa condemned Yamini’s comments for addressing Pawan Kalyan “pavala”. She said that Yamini has been given many projects and perks by minister Lokesh after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, so it is quite natural for her to favour Lokesh and do chanting on his name.

3. Pawan Kalyan First Person To Talk Of Cyclone Title

Ganta Swarupa shot back at Yamini stating that it was Jana Sena that spoke first about cyclone Title and alerted their party cadres at Srikaluma and other areas to take necessary precautions for the people, unlike TDP who only blabber and do less work.

Security Concerns 

Ganta Swarupa added that Pawan Kalyan deliberately didn’t visit the affected area as he didn’t want to create additional problems for the victims, adding Pawan has been monitoring the situation and asking his party workers to do the needful.

She also cleared the air about Pawan lineage towards North Coastal Andhra over Srikakulam. To this, Ganta said Pawan had stayed nearly two months at  North Coastal Andhra knowing their grievances with an aim to develop the area. She added that TDP ministers didn’t even pay a visit to bereaved families when TDP MLAs were killed by Maoists, and said that it is TDP leaders who need bouncers at every step not Pawna Kalyan.

4. Yamini, Her Party Use Parliamentary Langauge 

Ganta Swarupa at the end of the video, asks Yamini to introspect herself and her party for their foul language and unparliamentary words at others. She said that TDP party should mind their words and before they question respect and culture of others they should know their own culture as TDP chief himself has used derogatory words for weaker communities in the past.