Guess who is dating this Mumbai businessman?

This is about a top Telugu heroine and her lifestyle. This heroine, a Mumbaiya import, has ruled the roost for over a decade. Only now, her career is fading in Telugu. Yet, she still has some offers both in Tamil and Hindi. She has wide contacts all across South India and Mumbai and has a reference from a top hero like Akshay Kumar. She has great PR support too.

Though into her 30s. this lady star is averse to any talk about marriage. Even though other heroines like Samantha, Shriya, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Neha Dhupia are busy in films even after their marriage, this heroine seems to be wary of marriage.

We do know that this beauty is dating a businessman based out of Mumbai and could even marry him. But, the heroine has not just hotly refuted the stories, she said marriage was the last thing on her mind. She is now focusing mainly on the career. She is busy working in films and doing social work. But, our sources say that despite her external disinterest in marriage, marriage is very much on cards for her. She is still continuing the secret love affair with the Mumbai businessman.

Wonder why actors date secretly and refute marriage rumours openly!!