Is DSP Linked To This Married Woman?

DSP is one of the top-notch music directors down south. Also, he ensures that only his work and his compositions are discussed. Except for a brief dalliance with Punjabi kudi Charmy, his slate has been clean. No linkup rumours have ever surfaced about him. But, of late, DSP’s name is being linked up with an upcoming actress. Her name is Pujita Ponnada.
Pujita had worked in Sukumar’s hit Rangasthalam. Later, she also did an important role in Sukumar’s Darsakudu.

Devi Sri Prasad Link Up With Pujita Ponnada

But, what is interesting is that Pujita is already married and has entered films only after marriage. Her hubby Arjun Kalyan and she worked together in the popular short film ‘Upma Tinesindi.’ They were also seen together in a few other short films. The rumours of DSP-Pujita link up have come up after their photos together surfaced on the Facebook. But, how can anyone link a married woman with DSP? Shouldn’t they confirm before spreading rumours?