Is Maharshi story stolen?

Mahesh Babu is not new to people alleging his directors off plagiarism. He did find many people talking about Gunasekhar plagiarising Okkadu story and some talking about Dookudu, Srimanthudu, Bharat Ane Nenu too.

The filmmakers gave their own explanations to why such allegations have come out and they also made it clear that they did not copy. But even fans of Mahesh Babu are astonished to hear that someone is claiming that Maharshi film story is theirs!

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Maharshi film in itself is seen as an amalgamation of 20 different films taking popular scenes from each. Now, to have a director like Sriwass claim that Maharshi is his story is making everyone laugh at the claim.

Plagiarism is not funny but Maharshi is a mix of several films and many said that it doesn’t have a cohesive story or screenplay. So, when the news broke that Sriwass had a word with Dil Raju claiming that they developed a story on his idea, people asking him to know which one to claim, seriously!

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