Is Oviya dating Simbu?

Actress Oviya shot to fame with her stint at the Tamil Bigg Boss house in 2017. The craze she amassed was akin to Kaushal Manda in the second season of Telugu Bigg Boss. The actress who is currently prepping up for bold and erotic content 90ML is also in the news about her dating rumours with actor Simbu (STR). Oviya has now spilled beans on the rumour stating that she shares a good bond with Simbu but doesn’t want to spoil it.

Oviya, Simbu in A Relationship? Her’s The Truth

“We are not sharing such vibe (love). Simbu is a kind of a person whom I can talk and discuss my personal issues. If I am confused or need suggestion, I can call him, any time,” Oviyaa said. She is also cautious about losing his friendship. “I don’t want to spoil it,” Oviya asserts. “The kind of support that he gives is ‘ultimate.’ He becomes a backbone to the people around him. I want him to be all my life. He is STR for a reason,” she adds. On the work front, her adult film 90 ML is all set for release on March 1.