Kammas take lion share in TDP AP Polls list

Chandrababu Naidu has time and again underlined the fact TDP is a non-partial and unbiased party and is inclusive of all castes. However, the latest released list of 126 TDP candidates for the upcoming Assembly Polls on April shows the void Chandrababu has. Unlike his inclusiveness which Chandrababu boasts, the AP Polls released list show that its forward caste Kammas who have taken a lion share.

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Out of 126 seats, 72 seats are allocated to the forward castes. And Kamma community which Chandrababu belongs are given 32 seats. Kapus and their associated castes were given 17 seats. While Reddys, Rajus and other forward castes went away with 23 seats. On the other side, the backward community were allocated 31 seats out of 126. To be more precise, SC were given 18 seats, ST got four seats. The minorities got two seats. And the women were given only 15 seats.