Wanted Rs 4 crore, can’t get even Rs 50 lakh now

Karthi is a minimum guarantee hero in both Tollywood and Kollywood. He made a mark in both the industries. His films get collections equal to those of medium-range heroes in Telugu. But, this time around, he seems to have suffered the biggest reversal of his life.

His latest flick Dev has ended up as the biggest flop of his career. The collections have touched a nadir. The producers have suffered massive losses. The pain of the loss has doubled as before the release, the satellite rights of the film commanded up to Rs 4 crore. But, the unit waited for the prices to go up further. Now that the film has bombed badly, there are no buyers even when the producers the producers have halved the price.

But the buyers of the film are not even willing to pay Rs 50 lakh for the film. The unit is now rueing over the lost opportunity and is cursing its avarice.