Katrina: we’ve highs, lows

Katrina Kaif is buoyant with the success of Bharat. The period film starring Salman Khan and others went to stood as the biggest opener for Salman in his career. The film released on Eid continues to run with packed house.

Meanwhile, Katrina underlines that she refrains from any attachment given to her whether it’s appreciation or criticism. She says, ” When we have lows, they stick for a while. When we have highs, they stick for a while too. In lows, I have to have the tough skin, introspect what am I doing, how to make it better. When the great phase comes, people acknowledge my performance. Then also I have to see what have I done right, without getting too attached to the end result.”

Katrina adds,m “If I’m too attached to the end result, the focus is not on the process. If the focus is not on the process, the end result cannot be achieved. Of course, praises make me feel good and criticism pinches, but that law cannot be changed.”