Konda Movie Review

Starring: Thrigun A, Irra Mor, Prudhvi Raj, Prashant Karthi, Parvathi Arun
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Konda Sushmitha Patel
Music Director: DSR Balaji00000000
Cinematography : Malharbhatt Joshi
Editor : Manish Takur
Release Date : June 23, 2022

Konda is RGV’s latest film. It took some time to release as it was obstructed by a few in the political circles in Telangana. The film is out, and read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Konda(Trigun) is a man who has aggressive ideologies in life. This aspect of his is made use of by the Naxals. Seeing his rise in this setup, a local politician(Prudhvi) asks him to join his party. Konda does join but the local issues create tensions for Konda and he is chased by many in the region. How did Konda escape these situations and grow as a big politician along with his wife Suresh is the basic plot.


Konda is played by hero Trigun and he is a bit miscast in the film. He is sleepwalking in his role and does not connect to the audience at all. His dialogues and the demeanor needed for the role are not brought out one bit by the actor.

Irra Mor has played the role of Surekha and she is quite good. She is the one who breathes life into Trigun’s dull screen presence. Prudhvi gets a good role and she shines. But the surprise package is Auto Ramprasad who plays a role with negative shades. He will shock you with his role.

What’s Good

Basi setup
Irra Mor

What’s Bad

Lack of emotions


Konda is the biopic of Konda Murali and starts on a good note. But once the film gets into the main plot, it is curtains for the audience. The production values and artists are B grade and look so silly in the narrative. RGV is known for his drama but it takes a beating due to the silly casting.

There is no seriousness in the film as the emotions of the lead pair do not connect one bit to the audience. The backdrop is good but the proceedings are the same killings and revenge. There is nothing new that RGV has showcased. Sadly, the technical part is also bad like BGM is so loud and camerawork is okay.

Things have become in a way that not many even know that an RGV film is coming out in the first place. The same is the story of Konda. There is no seriousness in this film and several short films made by youngsters make better sense than Konda.

Bottom Line – Stay Away from This One

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