Lakshmi Manchu’s Advice For Men Over #MeToo

Lakshmi Manchu is known for not mincing her words and speaking straight from the heart. The actress has earlier been vocal on #MeToo by voicing support for Tanushree Dutta who opened a can of worms in Bollywood after accusing Nana Patekar of sexual misconduct. Now, Lakshmi has given an advice for men asking them to back the movement rather than questioning.

Lakshmi Manchu Says Men Should Back Me Too

“India is supposed to be the 2nd or 3rd worst country for women. That is worse than our neighbouring countries that suppress women. So, when women come out and talk, first listen to them. It is not easy for women to talk about it. They will never forget the pain. Don’t tear them apart, don’t slut shame. They’re already suffering by telling the truth,” she said.

“Now you know what you’re doing is wrong. Here is a chance for you to get better. What more can be better, than to unlearn the mistakes, and learn something new and positive? The men should be the champions of the Me Too change,” she adds.