Love Today Movie Review

Love Today is a film that has created a lot of buzz in Tamil cinema. Dil Raju has released the film in Telugu and read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Pradeep(Pradeep Rnaganathan) and Nikita(Ivana) are a couple who plan to get married. But the heroine’s dad(Sathyaraj) lays a condition that the couple should exchange their phones for a day and if they still feel safe, he will give them permission to get married. They get into deep problems and even break up. How they got back is the story.


Pradeep has acted and directed this film which has a very good backdrop. The heroine Ivana is also superb in the film. The fun conversations between the couple are hilarious to watch on screen. Satyaraj gets a solid role in the film and does an amazing job. Radhika was also fine but it is Pradeep who steals the show.

What’s Good


What’s Bad

Slow Start


Love Today is a big hit in Tamil and is about how a couple exchange phones and reveal their dark secrets to each other. This conflict is handled so nicely by the director Pradeep. The way he narrates the film with a lot of humor is the best part. There is no dull moment in the film.

Love Today’s writing follows the ‘template’ of every romantic drama. But Pradeep brings freshness through his screenplay and the usage of music and editing. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja works big time.

The second half is where things make good sense as the emotions and drama is very gripping. The end part of a video clip going viral and how the couple corrects their differences was the best part. Love Today is targeted at the youth and it works big time for them. If you want to have a fun weekend, give this film a shot.

Bottom – Funny and sensible

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