Mahathalli Jahnavi Dasetty Getting Married To Longtime Beau

Jahnavi Dasetty who is more synonymous with popular web-series Mahathalli is getting married to her longtime boyfriend Sushanth this July. She adds that the marriage wasn’t as easy as being an inter-caste the groom’s family had to be convinced. “My family didn’t have a problem but Sushanth’s family had to be convinced due to the clichéd caste problem and the fact that I am a public figure,” she said.

Mahathalli Jahnavi Marriage With Her Boyfriend In July

Jahnavi says that she is excited and quite happy and ecstatic but also nervous since the time they got engaged. She is further clear in stating that it will be a simple wedding similar to the lines of her engagement.

“Ever since I got engaged, my phone has been flooded with messages asking if I would continue working after my wedding — I will definitely continue to entertain them. Right after the wedding, Sushanth and I will get back to work first. We will plan our honeymoon sometime later,” she adds.