Mahesh Babu Felt Happy In Long Time Shooting For This….

Mahesh Babu‘s latest Thums Up advertisement has showed the Superstar in an action mode that has left audiences adrenaline rush rise and actor’s efforts have been appreciated. But do you know that the ad left Mahesh exhausted? The actor also adds that the shoot which had miniature action scenes left him happy in a long time which had badass action episodes.

Mahesh Babu Calls Thums Up Ad Exhausting

“We shot it in Kuala Lumpur in some really tough locations where there were only jungle and no place to take a breather, let alone chill. We shot the film with high-action stunts. It was like a shooting full-fledged action film,” says Mahesh.

“All the action was shot in natural light. No filters were used. We wanted to capture the raw rugged mood of the jungle, and I think we succeeded in that,” he adds.