Mallesham review: Torchbearer for unsung heroes

Release Date

Direction: Raj R

Cast: Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Ananya Nagalla, Jhansi

Musician: Mark K Robin

Bollywood has seen the trend of the biopic in the recent past. Needless to say, all the films have opened to a thumping response from the audience. Now, Tollwood is presenting  the biopic of Padma Shri award winner Chintakindi Mallesham. Priyadarsi, who has been doing comedy roles and more-often-than-not as a sidekick for the hero, ash first tie is essaying the lead actor role. Has Chintakindi Mallesham’s story brought in good charm for Priyadarshi is to be seen?


The film takes place between 1980-1990 and talks about a hamlet in the Nalgonda district where Mallesham resides with his family. Mallesham family does weaving for livelihood and so are the other villagers in the hamlet.  Since childhood, Mallesham sees his parents hardships and troubles they face as the women help men in a painstaking manner to help the wind silk thread as part of weaving. Mallesham mother Lakshmi (Jhansi)  soon develop serious illness, so much so, her shoulder begins giving up. He then dreams to create an Asu machine, a mechanical process, to put the weavers community a relief. In his process, his hamlet people jeer him and deride him.

Mallesham parents get him married to Padma (Ananya Nagalla) assuming he will be stable. However, Mallesham’s zeal persists to make Asu machine.  One fine day, the motor he invested in to make the machine explodes leaving him debrided. HIs mother chiding him, his wife Padma also not able to support further, Mallesham tried to commit suicide.  What happens after that? How did Mallesham make the Asu machine is the rest of the story

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For any plot, getting characters who fit the bill is of utmost importance as it helps to move the proceedings. And such actors were found in the film, Mallesham. Priyadarsi mesmerizes in the role of Mallesham, Ananya as Padma as endearing, Jhansi as Lakshmi nailed her part. Mallesham did justice to his character without tarnishing his performance. Ananya, however, expressed many feelings with the eyes. The rest of the cast have been impressed with their role.


Biopics are no cake walk to make. A lot of detailing, intricacies go in to, apart from the research, getting the right actors to suit the bill have come into play. And moreover, Mallesham story is of no ordinary. For the first time, a biopic is being made on weavers which has nativity of Telanagan accent so every minute detail comes into the picture. Speaking of Mallesham, the entire credit goes to director Raj R for bringing the authenticity and nativity of Telangana.

The director succeeds in making the audience sit-up in the theatre with the Mallesham. But audiences who are accustomed to commercial films need to see how well the film is received. Music by Mark K Robin is a major attraction of the film. The songs come down to the scene and keep going. The cinematographer beautifully illustrates the state of the countryside. The editor took quite a while to show Mallesham’s life as touching. The production values ​​are down to the cinema.








Slow narration



Must watch as it heralds about unsung heroes

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Torchbearer for unsung heroes
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Despite its minute flaws, Mallesham is a movie that should be watched
Rating: 3/5

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