Mangli’s favourite desa bhakthi song is…

I would sing patriotic songs in college, Jayathi jayathi bharata maatha, eguruthundi egurtuthundi etc…but after coming here never got a chance to record or shoot for one. I like Vande Mataram sung by AR Rehman, he had done a fabulous job by giving it a makeover and everyone liked it. We should change with time. He retained the flavour by not disturbing the original Vande Matram. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

KCR Sir understands the power of a song, no wonder during the peak of the pandemic he goaded the poets, lyricists and singers to come up with work that will inspire and fight the disease. He always encourages artists. I cry whenever I listen to any good tune and any Annamacharya keertana. Entha Chaitanya parusthundi. The songs played a main role during Telangana udyamam.

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