Meghan Markle Royal Wardrobe Values $1 Million

Meghan Markle has put her best foot forward in terms of sartorial since her engagement was announced to Prince Harry. If you’re wondering how much does the royal wardrobe costs, then you would be shell-shocked to know that the Duchess of Sussex’s royal wardrobe has cost a whopping USD 1 million.

Meghan Markle Royal Wardrobe Costs $1 Million

A royal expert Katie Nicholl said, ” Look at the publicity she has brought in run up to the wedding. I would argue that’s worth every penny,” adding, it is Prince  Charles who has been guiding on “working royal wardrobe” post-wedding.

From her wedding gown to custom Givenchy ceremony gown $440,000, and Stella McCartney reception gown, which cost $157,000. “When you are buying that sort of couture with those sorts of price tags it would be criminal not to re-wear them,” Nicholl said.