Balakrishna shelved his next movie?

Nandamuri Balakrishna is said to be a great believer in Time. When the tide is against him, he always looks to wait and decide rather than just go ahead and swim against it.

He has been ridiculed for being a staunch believer in blind beliefs and astrology as well. Anyways, the new film with KS Ravi Kumar has been shelved due to the bad time in his political career, it seems.

Even though the movie is planned well-within the safe budget story being majorly political and against Jagan, made him decide not to go for it after elections, it seems. He won the seat as MLA but TDP lost the election like never before. So, the actor decided to step back from a political movie at this time and we may see, Boyapati Srinu’s action movie with no political agenda going on sets soon.