Nani Opens Up On Bigg Boss Trolls

The much talked about reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 came to conclusion on September 30 and with that the show host Nani‘s journey also concluded. Natural Star Nani has now opened up on trolls he received during his stint as Bigg Boss 2 host saying that the last three months were the most stressful period of his life.

Nani: Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Changed A Lot


“Bigg Boss 2 Telugu changed my view of the world. Before joining the reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu  as its host, I was living in a bubble. I believed  that the real world is a happy place but Bigg Boss 2 Telugu made me realise that the world is made of all kinds of people. It has introduced me to the real world.” Nani further said, “I received number of hate messages and this reality show made me realize that you can’t please everyone in this world. It is very difficult to make happy everyone,” said Nani.

“The last 3 months have been the most stressful phase of my career. I have done several movies in my life and I used to get the time from my busy schedule to spend with my family but when I started Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, I did not get much time.  Bigg Boss 2 Telugu took up more time than I had expected. Now I need a short break,” he added.

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