Neelima: Kaushal Is Not A Playboy

Kaushal Manda has become a cult in the Telugu states by emerging as Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner. Now, Kaushal and his wife Neelima’s interview has gone viral in the popular show – Open Heart With RK. Meanwhile, when the shot questioned about Kausha’playboyuy image, Neelima Kaushal cleared the air on that saying her husband is not a playboy.

Neelima Opens Up On Kaushal Playboy Image


Neelima Counters On Kaushal Playboy Image

Neelima went on to say that whether it’s her husband or any other contestant, how can a person’s character could be judged in a week. She said that Kaushal respect women a lot and she is proud to be his wife. Neelima went on to add that, even if a rumour is heard on any women, Kaushal never believes and in fact questions that one can’t trust rumours as they are spread wrongly, adding that is the respect Kaushal has for women.

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