Nikhil’s Sarcastic Tweet At Vijay Deverakonda?

Actor Nikhil Siddhartha tweet has become a talk of the town. Well, it’s not about #MeToo movement but a sarcastic one hinting to his fellow colleague Vijay Deverakonda. Nikhil posted, ” For ppl who think The World Revolves around them …. nd throw unnecessary Attitude around.. DUDE UR NOT THAT IMPORTANT… Every Actor only Competes with Himself. We r but a drop in the ocean called Movie Making Hype Less… Work More… (sic)”

Nikhil Indirect Tweet On Vijay Deverakonda?

Well, Nikhil didn’t take Vijay’s name and his tweet doesn’t iterate anything wrong, but the buzz doing the rounds is the is Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada actor is jealous of Vijay. Well, Nikhil’s tweet is speculated to be in response of Vijay’s past tweet on NOTA, where he posted a lengthy note stating, ” For those who are celebrating this, ippude pandaga cheskondi 17 I will be back. Rowdy for life! Your man. Vijay Deverakonda.”.

Nikhil’s Deleted Tweet