Bheeshma review: Nithiin is back

Release Date
February 21, 2020

Direction: Venky Kudumula
Cast: Nithiin ,Rashmika Mandanna ,Anant Nag
Music: Mahati Swara Sagar
Cinematography: Sai Sriram
Edited: Navin Nooli
Production: Sithara Entertainments
Producer: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Actor Nithiin after a hiatus of one-year-gap has come forward with Bheeshma. After A Aa, Nithiin didnt taste success. In fact, three films relae after A Aa stood as a dud. Hence he purposefully took a break to return with a commercial. So how has the film Bheeshma fared? Did the film gave much needed respite to Nithiin. Did he scored hit?


Bheeshma (Nithiin) is a man more frustrated about his singleton status than he is about clearing his degree backlogs. When he meets Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna), it is love at first sight and he tries hard to woo her. Deva (Sampath Raj) is a police officer who seems to hold an old beef with Bheeshma’s father (Naresh). There’s also an old man called Bheeshma (Anant Nag), who’s the founder and CEO of Bheeshma Organics, looking for someone to replace him after his retirement. His biggest foe is the MD of Field Science, Raghavan (Jisshu Sengupta) looking to get farmers to switch back to chemical farming from organic. Then there’s Vennela Kishore, who pops in and out of the movie and lights it up in every frame he’s in. Believe it or not, the film is about these motley of people intersect with each other, thanks to Bheeshma.


It must be said that Nithiin has given his career best performance. Nithiin impressed, especially with regard to dancing. In terms of comedy, he gave the range output. Sounds like a rushy quote. Her roll is good. The characters of Sampath Raj and Brahmaji share comedy. Vennela Kishore has another role. He chuckled. Hebah Patel has a small role. Zissu Sengupta as the villain is okay.

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Music provided by Mahathi Sagar is the main plus point for the film. His background score also helps to take the film to another level. The cinematography is great. Every color is pleasing. The editing is smooth. What not to bend. Venky Kudumula once again proved his main strength in comedy. Writing remains a major strength. Direction is also okay. Bhishma would have been on another level if the love story was a little better and the climax better planned.


Bheeshma, which is not much of a story, is pleasing in terms of screenplay. The First Half with Lighthearted Moments feels very racy. The director of the first half filled with full comedy. The director struggled to find the real story. The last 30 minutes in the second half feel somewhat negative. However, Bheeshma appreciates the amount. After the wallpapers, Tollywood has found another blockbuster in the form of Bheeshma.

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