Fans angry with one-sided NTR biopic

NTR biopic’s first part Kathanayakudu was a dud. It bombed at the box-office. Naturally, there weren’t many expectations about the second Part – the Mahanayakudu. But, the unit felt that it would at least match up to the first part in terms of collections.

But, the first-day collection was a massive disaster and it’s fate reminded one of Nagarjuna’s Officer. None expected that the audience would be so merciless in rejecting the film. It appears the audience is angry with the biopic itself. It appears the people have not taken kindly to Chandrababu and Balakrishna’s attempts at distorting the NTR story. They felt Chandrababu was trying to hijack the film. So, they showed their anger by not even bothering to visit the theatres.

More shockingly, even the NTR fans and TDP backers did not choose to watch the film. Even if all the diehard NTR fans watched the movie, it could have got profits. But, even they kept away from the theatres.