RGV’s audio event is titled “Vennupotu”!

Ram Gopal Verma is not a person to let go off any kind of attention coming his way. Good or bad, he will be more than welcoming to it. Now, he is able to generate more than anyone can ask with Lakshmi’s NTR and he is using it to the fullest.

He announced that the movie audio event will happen in Kadapa and the event will be named, “Vennupotu!” He doesn’t want to leave any opportunity to create a controversy in any fashion as that will help him greatly. This time too, he will invite Lakshmi Parvathi to the event amidst of all kinds of things and tricks that TDP supporters are trying to pull off to stop the film from releasing.

EC did say that they don’t want to interfere in the movie release and hence, he is planning a release date before the elections only, it seems. Looks like NCBN might have to talk about the movie, himself.