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Opinion: A quirky combination in the making

Naga Shourya is on a roll. The actor had recently come out with another production house which will make small budget films and alongside he is signing interesting films. A news that is out is a film with Balakrishna that has Sivalenka Krishna Prasad as the producer. We hear there are three heroes in the movie, i.e there is a third one, other than the above mentioned two. Sounds interesting but it is just not a quirky combination but a difficult one to pull it off too. There have been multiple reports about the young actor’s ego which is difficult to pamper on the sets which were reported by people who worked with him in the past. With an additional big star who requires handling with kid gloves, there is much burden and stress on the director’s shoulders.

naga shaurya Did Balakrishna sign the film in the first place ? But who is the director? Sriman Vemula had directed Kumari 21 F in Kannada and has not done any previous work in Telugu apart from assisting Sukumar in 1 Nenokkadine. A debutant here, we are sure what he is getting into. Is the story a remake of a foreign film, or is it written by Shourya (no pun intended) or is it a plot provided by Sriman Vemula and the idea inspired from someone else’s life will be known during promotions. Leaving the film aside, people are more interested in the trivia surrounding the film. Meanwhile, wishing the director, good health and humour.

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