Opinion: Kushboo’s flop show on day one

This is the time in Mumbai where each person is seen filing cases on the other. There is so much bullying, unrest and scandals rocking the city as well as the country. In Mumbai especially with the CBI taking time, Rhea getting out on bail, the police finding every opportunity to book a case on anyone who defies them makes us wonder if we are heading towards a President rule soon. There is also a talk that SSR and Disha Salian’s case would be closed by November. If that happens, the people would lose faith in the system and also humanity. Yesterday, Kushboo said the country was spending too much time on one man’s death and it should focus on other areas. Well for her that one man stands no value.

It could be about one man or ten men, the issue is about fighting for justice. Either she is blissfully unaware of the case or she is towing the Bollywood line as she herself is an actress. Her jump into BJP is purely personal and it will not help either her or the Party. She didn’t score any marks on day one. She tried winning supporters by speaking against the Congress on the anti-Cong channel. It took six years for her to realise what sort of Party she was in. We might see her more on debates or news channels giving bytes, that’s all. In her tenure in Congress, none of us saw her do anything worthwhile. By rubbishing a murder case as wasting time, she has only exposed her half knowledge, which is dangerous. We wish she speaks a little more responsibly as the sentiments right now are high. This is your first day, you need better preparation, said an opponent on the debate and that is true.

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