Opinion: Sudheer Babu scores over Nani

It took only a few minutes into the film ‘V’ to decide it isn’t heading anywhere. The only saving grace is Sudheer Babu, I hope his lines were written well. Every time there is a parallel hero/ second hero in the film that has Nani, the other gets sidelined. We understand just not this film, any film in Telugu that has a second hero, he becomes a dummy. Thankfully even if this film hasn’t done well enough or hasn’t got good reviews, Sudheer has walked away with a lot of compliments.

Dress up Nani in any costume, he ends up looking middle class. That is his strength but here in this film, he was seen working too hard to be his character. Nivetha Thomas, her role too was very weak. She tried looking glam by exposing her shoulder; but why show that when she has a pretty face?  Be it looks or performance, Sudheer has come a long way. We hear his next is with Karuna Kumar, director of Palasa and there is another which is being set up. Good luck to him and yes, Nani as well. As far as Indraganti is concerned, he need not aim to be Anil Ravipudi, he is good and unbeatable in his own space.

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