Pachchis Review – Half Baked Thriller

Starring : Raamz , Swetaa Varma , Jay Chandra ,Ravi Varma
Director : Sri Krishna , Rama Sai
Producer : Kaushik Kumar Kathuri, Rama Sai
Music Director : Samaran Sai
Cinematography : Kartik Parmar
Editor : Rana Prathap
Release date : June 12, 2021

Pachchis Review - Half Baked Thriller

So many small-budget films are coming out one after the other on OTT. This week, a film named Pachchis is out on Prime video. Read our review to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


Abhiram(Raamz) is a loser who gambles big time. Things come to a stage that he has to repay 25 lakhs to the casino owner(Ravi Varma). He has no choice but gets things done and this is when he gets entangled between two criminal-minded politicians. How will he come out cheating them and save himself? Will he be successful? That is the basic theme of the film.


Abhiram plays the main lead and he does an okay job in his character. He looks a bit raw but has given a settled performance by the end. Swetha Varma is the one who has a challenging role and she gives an amazing performance. But it is Ravi Varma as the local casino owner who takes the cake. He is amazing and does so well in his intense role. Subhalekha Sudhakar is getting repetitive in his roles.


Pachchis is full of style and has a dark theme to it. What attracts you is the taking and shot-making. Each scene is beautifully lit and gives you a fresh feeling. The BGM that elevates the scenes is also amazing. The film is started well and things look so good.

But there are scenes that do not have anything new to offer. They are dragged and do no make any sense. The effort that the director has put in the taking is not put on the screenplay which takes the film down in no time. By the end of it, things look forced.

The climax is handled well but to reach there, the audience needs to have a lot of patience. The dark effect gives you interest but is not withhold until the end hence making this film a boring thriller which could have been better.

Bottom Live – Not that effective

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