Pathaan Review – SRK’s Mass Show

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana
Director: Siddharth Anand
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Music Director: Vishal and Sheykhar
Cinematography: Satchith Paulose
Editor: Aarif Sheikh
Release Date : January 25, 2023

Pathaan is a film that everyone is waiting for eagerly. The time has come and the film is released today. Read on to see if the film has any juice in it or not.


Jim(John Abraham) is an ex-RAW agent who is now angry with the country. He kickstarts a mission to go against his country and ropes in Rubina(Deepika Padukone for his mission. The country heads are in tension knowing this and bring in an undercover cop Pathaan(Shahrukh Khan) to deal with Jim. Well, how Pathaan saves his country is the story of the film.


Shahrukh Khan is back and how. He gives his fans a Paisa Vasool experience and entertains them like never before. Be it the action of romance, SRK kills it in Pathaan. Deepika Padukone has a solid role and looks stunning. Her chemistry with SRK is solid. John Abraham plays the negative role in a top-notch manner. He is lovely to watch in the film. Salman Khan is seen in a cameo in this film and he brings clap-worthy moments to the film. Dimple Kapadia is okay and Ashutosh Rana is weak.

What’s Good

Shahrukh Khan’s role
Action sequences
Grand visuals

What’s Bad

Routine Story
Lengthy runtime


It has been quite some time since we have seen Shahrukh Khan in an action role. For all those who missed the star, it is a Paisa Vasool experience. Siddharth Anand is a director who is known to make rich action films and he delivers big time with Pathaan. He has lived up to all the hype created in the media and gives the fans a solid ride.

Songs are appealing, thanks to Deepika. Sanchit and Ankit Balhara’s music works. The twists and turns in the film are quite good. The manner in which the climax is brought in with a twist and Salman Khan enters the scene is solid. The film has some slow scenes which drag the film but all that is cleared when SRK is on screen.

SRK’s chiseled body and shirtless show of his body with six-pack abs are going to swoon his fans. There is no logic in the film and the audience gets to see some over-the-top scenes time and again. But all that is cleared as the star cast is too heavy and the visuals are filled with fun and action. So, Pathaan ends up as a Piasa Vasool entertainer which can be loved by everyone this year. SRK is truly back and how.

Bottom Line – King Khan is back.


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