People, stop consuming cheap data

From a youngster to an oldie, every person seems to know about the private life of a celebrity/film star. Even in the middle of the night, we hear of people waking up and checking if there is any alert or some news update of the film people. The rise in Youtube channels have given scope for consumption of filthy and repulsive news. The channels use misleading thumbnails and captions to grab attention, so much that they have forgotten to ask people to subscribe to their channels. They are confident that their video will definitely have an audience.

Yesterday, a visibly harassed Pavitra Lokesh, Naresh and also Ramya Raghupati were seen giving fodder for the news channels and Youtube channels. The parties might be blaming each other for spreading unwarranted information about their private lives but it is the media which is to be blamed. Why don’t these channels stop prying into their private lives and stop analysing what could have gone wrong with their relationship? Once that is done, this becomes a discussion of drawing room gossip. A senseless anchor was seen interviewing Natti Kumar, producer and the topic was Naresh-Pavitra Lokesh. He asks Natti Kumar if Pawan Kalyan is great or Naresh; To this Natti Kumar says Pawan Kalyan is superior and he is a super star feigning ignorance of the anchor’s real motive. A celebrity can marry thrice or four times, how does that affect us?

The Youtube channel has been deliberately since the past few months popping up bits of info on Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh systematically leading to yesterdays’ show down. The winner in this entire scenario is the media, they got enough footage to fill their blank minds and the channel space. People consume what is given to them, the media should play a responsible role in relaying sensible and useful information, and should stay away from the private lives of celebrities.

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