Pushpa Movie Review

Starring: Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, Rashmika Mandanna, Dhanunjay, Rao Ramesh, Suneel, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ajay Ghosh
Director: Sukumar
Producers: Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography : Miroslaw Kuba Brozek
Editor: Karthika Srinivas & Ruben
Release Date : December 17,2021

Pushpa Movie Review

Pushpa is one of the most awaited films in recent times as it has Sukumar directing Allu Arjun for a third time. The film is out and ,read our review to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


Pushparaj(Allu Arjun) is a red sandalwood smuggler who wants to make it to the top. But he has to take on some of the biggest goons in his area to become the undisputed king of red sandalwood smuggling. At various phases of his life, he has obstacles in the form of Mangalam Seenu (Sunil) and the deadly cop played by Fahadh Faasil. How he overcomes them is the crux of Pushpa part one.


Allu Arjun has done a never before seen avatar and he is deadly. He hardly puts a foot wrong and is amazing as Pushpa. Bunny’s Chittoor slang and his screen presence will be loved by his fans big time. The guy who plays his assistant also gives an able performance.

All those who come to the film for Fahadh Faasil and Bunny confrontation will be heavily disappointed as there is nothing much except for the climax. Rashmika is superb as Srivalli and her combo with Bunny brings in some relief moments for the fans.

Sunil has done the mail villain’s role and is not showcased properly. His character is poorly designed and he does not much screen space as well. In a way he looks light in front of a big star like Allu Arjun. Anasuya was powerful but again she was also sidelined.

Malayalam fans will surely be disappointed with Fahadh Faasil as he makes an entry only in the last ten minutes of the film and does not create any impact. Ajay Ghosh was also good.


Pushpa is the biggest release of Allu Arjun and one was waiting to see him in a mass avatar. Looking at this aspect alone, the fans will have a blast. But what about the other aspects of the film and where do they go wrong.

All this lies in making the film in two parts. Because of this, the second half has nothing much to showcase and scenes become boring and dull. Only the rise of Pushpa as the smuggler is shown and this where the film falters.

Sukumar is known for his clever screenplay which is missing in Pushpa. There are no riveting moments in the film and the second half has pale ending. One gets a feeling that there would have been more drama to highlight the second part.

When it comes to songs, they are superb. The lighting, camerawork and fights will surely please the masses. Samantha tha has not been utilised well. If you see Pushpa from Allu Arjun’s point of view you will like it. But if go in thinking to the Sukumar magic, it is clearly missing in Pushpa.

Bottom Line – Okayish and only for Bunny fans

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