Ragala 24 Gantallo review: Satyadev, Eesha make it riveting

Release Date
November 22, 2019

Direction: Srinivas Reddy

Cast: Satya Dev,Eesha Rebba, Srikanth, Ganesh Venkatraman

Producers: Kanuru Srinivas

Music Director: Raghu Kunche

Srinivas Reddy, who entertained audiences with a variety of stories, this time has come up with crime thriller. Sathyadev, Sriram, Muskan Sethi and Ganesh Venkatraman in the lead role of Eesha Rebba in the lead role. With a strong sense of storytelling and a sense of suspense and entertainment, the crime story genre is crowded. The film is a suspense thriller. Was the director of the first film crime-based film changing his mind and succeeding? Let’s see.


India’s number one ad filmmaker, Rahul (Satya Dev), is married to a no-nonsense orphan (Esha Rebba). However, the relationship between the two of them for only three years begins with a marriage bond. However, Rahul gets killed in unexpected circumstances. Who did it? Did ACP Narasimha (Sriram) attack that mystery? What is the connection between Education, Ganesh and Abhi? What is the relationship of Das (Ravi Varma) to Puneet, Vineet, Advait and Meghna (Muskan Sethi) to this mystery case? That’s the rest of the story.



The latest trend is heroes accepting negative roles. Recently, RX100 fame Karthikeya impressed in Gang Leader in a negative shade, now we get to see Satyadev essaying negative role.  Fans who have seen Satyadev in a positive angle so far will be seen as the villain for the first time. After watching Satyadev’s acting, psychoism, canning and suspicion , he seems believable by getting into the skin of his character. Same goes for Eesha Rebba as well.

Other artistes, Ganesh Venkatraman is appearing in two to three scenes. Muskan Sethi entertained the story, appearing for a while in the second half. And with all her beauty, the youth has become the queen of dreams. Ravi Varma, Temper Vamsi, Adere Abhi and others are impressed by their roles.


The director tried to showcase the plotline that the hero doesn’t mean good persons and people with bad shades are not villains. Keeping this line, Srinivas Reddy comes up with a whodunit but has some essence lost sometimes. Some twists are predictable .. And others who have already seen the crime story movies will feel it. The audience is intrigued by some of the lack of logic. The film has decent production values. Most of the film happens in a bungalow and all this is captured well by the camera man. Editing is decent and one song which comes on Muskan Sethi in the end should have been chopped off. BGM is impressive and so was the production design. Eesha’s makeup in a few areas was gaudy.
Coming to the director Srinivasa Redde, he has done a decent job with the film. He did not experiment too much and narrated the film with simple twists and engaging scenes making it breezy for the audience.



Eesha Rebbam Satyadev acting



Dragging Scenes
Expectant twists
Many scenes without logic

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Total Critics:4


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