Most Eligible Bachelor Movie Review

Starring: Akhil Akkineni, Pooja Hegde, Eesha Rebba, Faria Abdullah, Aamani, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Jayaprakash, Pragathi, Amit Tiwari, Posani Krishna Murali, Getup Srinu, Sudigali Sudheer
Director: Bommarillu Bhaskar
Producers: Bunny Vasu, Vasu Varma
Music Director: Gopi Sundar
Cinematography : Pradeesh Varma
Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Release Date : October 15,2021

Most Eligible Bachelor Movie Review

Most Eligible Bachelor is the comeback film of Bommarillu Bhaskar. The film starring Akhil and Pooja Hegde has been released. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Harsha(Akhil) lives in the US and has everything in life. He comes to India to get married. After rejecting so many proposals, he sets eyes on Vibha(Pooja Hegde) who is a stand-up comedian. But her ideologies do not match with that of Harsha’s and he gets rejected. Harsha flies back to US and does soul searching and comes back stronger to win Vibha’s love. How did he manage all this is the story of Most Eligible Bachelor.


Akhil looks mature and gives a settled performance as Harsha. He is seen in two looks in the film and emotes well in all the key emotional scenes. Pooja Hegde is ravishing as Vibha. She is confident, beautiful, and also holds the screen with her dialogue delivery.

Murali Sharma is getting quite routine with his roles. Amani and Ajay are there just for the sake of it. Sudigali Sudheer does well as hero’s friend.


Most Eligible Bachelor is about the mindset of today’s generation and how they want their life partners to be. Akhil is shown as the man who wants to settle in life and Pooja Hegde is a woman who has modern thoughts. This basic setup has been established well by Bhaskar.

The entire first half is filled with comedy and good songs. Though there is no story, the proceedings engage the audience as they are well packaged. Music by Gopi Sundar plays a big role in this film as every song is a hit.

The camera department is efficient with its work and the ideology of the lead pair is contemporary. The second half is where the drama takes a beating. Akhil and the way he goes about fixing his love story does not move you much. In a way, there is not much pain in the love story.

Director Bommarillu Bhaskar has made a comeback and he has written a modern story. He keeps things practical and does not beatbaround the bush. Had he managed to elevate the love story and drama in it more, the film would have gone a notch high.

But still as it is the festival season, the film will find its takers for the hype it has created.

Bottom Line – Contemporary love drama

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