Hyderabad encounter: Rahul Ramakrishna’s bold comment

The Hyderabad Encounter has left netizens divided some haling the cops, others questioning the ‘killings’ in the name of encounter. Tollywood celebrities also unanimously from Nagarjuna, Jr NTR, Samantha among others hailed the decision, however, it was only Rahul Ramakrishna who differed from what was being celebrated.

The Sainma actor said that the deaths are not a form of justice but an act to merely deal with public anger. “That wasn’t justice. That was a safety valve set in place to diffuse unmanageable public anger. Actual justice comes from enforcing laws that seek to prevent crime from happening,” he wrote. “This is a good time to note how brazen the police force has become with no regard for the law of this land. Also a good time to understand how the Constitution of India holds very little value among its own citizens,” he added.

RGV also questioned the encounter tweeting, “With regard to encounter killings ,the fundamental foundation of any society is to control emotional outbursts and apply rationality in a due process of the rule of law ..so encounters cannot be justified under any circumstances,”

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