Rajamouli To Ensure Equal Weightage For Cherry, NTR

Both are equals. When two heroes of equal stature work together in a film, there should be equal weightage for both. The dance steps and fight sequences must match. The boxing blows and dialogue punches much match. It is because of this tightrope walking that many directors do not want to do a multi-starrer. But, Rajamouli is different. He is ever ready to take up challenges and has both Cherry and NTR to work together.

So, he is ensuring that both the heroes have equal footage and equal weightage. So, he chose to film the fight sequences first. He is ensuring that both have equal elevation. Huge amounts are being spent on this fight sequence. With Rajamouli around, there is no dearth of richness and high-quality output. Insiders say that the fans of both the leaders would feast on these sequences. Rajamouli feels that once the fight sequences are shot, shooting the talkie part would become very easy.