Rajinikanth Fan Creates 2.0 Auto, Goes Viral 

Shankar’s 2.0 has been receiving an overwhelming response from pan India. The film has grossed Rs 100 crore on its opening day and it is worth mentioning that 2.0 fever has gripped Thalaivar fans who have put out huge cutouts and did palabhishekam (milk pooja). If this wasn’t enough, then a 2.0 auto-inspired by the film has caught the fancy of the netizens.

Rajinikanth 2.0 Movie Fan Made Auto Goes Viral

The customized auto shows having its wings spread on the two sides of the vehicle inspired by Akshay Kumar’s birdman. And on top of the vehicle, Rajinikanth’s cutout is placed with toy guns surrounding. Meanwhile, the front of vehcicle can be seen sporting mobiles. Well, this shows the craze and fandom Rajinikanth follwes who can go to any extent to shows thier love towrd their idol.

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