Review: Mister


Mister is one film which is being watched closely for several reasons. The success can give Sreenu Vaitla a new life and Varun Tej some confidence in his career. Will this be possible read on to find out?


Varun Tej plays a typical and rich NRI who falls head over heels for Hebah Patel. But like in every love story, the heroine loves somebody altogether. A dejected Varun decides to let go off things only to find out that Hebah is in trouble.

He heads to India only to involve himself in another tricky situation which features the main lead Lavanya. Upon this, there are many other villains who are behind these girls. As expected, Varun goes all out and saves them from the evil clutches. How does he do it is the film’s story.


Varun Tej looks in bad shapes as his styling and clothes do not make you believe that he is an NRI. Acting wise he is okay. Lavanya looks out of place and plays the victim’s role with a lot of burden. She clearly looks disinterested in the film.

Hebah has a good role takes the role with open arms. Murali Sharma, Nasser and co irritate you to the core. Raghu Babu and Srinivasa Reddy’s comedy is good in places.

Technical Overview and Analysis:

The first thing that comes to your mind was how in the world did the mega camp approve this script from Vaitla. There is absolutely nothing new in this film apart from some here and their triangular love story moments.

 While Vaitla adds some fun during the first half, he murders the film during the second. Each scene is so pathetic that one wonders what was going through the actor’s mind when they were shooting for the film.
So many stars are wasted in this film in unnecessary cameos. With this film, Vaitla had landed himself in neck deep trouble as it will be very hard for him to survive from now on.

The only solace was the astounding camerawork which made the Europe locations look beautiful. Rest of the film is a time waste and one needs to stay away from it.

One Line Verdict:

Sreenu Vaitla disappoints badly.

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